Lash Extensions‎

Do you have short, stubby eyelashes? Do you find that no mascara gives you the results you desire? If you answered yes to these questions and live in New Orleans, LA, we have a solution for you. Here at Fabulash, we offer realistic lash extensions that will leave you with the full, thick, and dark lashes you have always wanted. Our lash studio is open from 9:30am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Give us a call to schedule an eyelash transformation you will never forget.

Not everyone is born with amazing lashes. More people than not have to seek alternative ways to make their lashes look impressive. Here at Fabulash, we are the leading authority in lash extensions in the neighborhood. In a single appointment, you can leave our spa with lashes that look as full and long as false lashes. Our eyelash extensions are completely safe and painless to apply. They will last until the natural lashes fall out, usually two to six weeks.

Here at Fabulash, we also offer a variety of other services to help you relax for a few hours. If your nails are chipped, be sure to schedule a manicure with us. For those who struggle with dull skin, we offer facials that will bring life to your face. At Fabulash, our team of professional stylists is ready to help you feel special for the day. We have a full menu of services available for great prices.

If you are in New Orleans, LA and looking for a way to enhance your lashes, be sure to come see us at Fabulash. Our lash studio team will help completely transform your eyelashes. Be sure to go online to and schedule an appointment with our experienced crew. Take time to care for yourself here at Fabulash.